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Even though Kerala is very little known outside India, the so-called "Kerala model of development" has become part of the broad global debate about development in the "third world" and it is studied by researchers from Europe and America. The most enthusiastic admirers of the Kerala model have been based in the "first world" especially in the United States, and one academic had even suggested Kerala model as a sustainable and eco-friendly model for the whole world in the twenty-first century.

As a Keralite, who has lived through the various social and developmental reforms of the Kerala model, I found the academic studies about the Kerala model interesting and compiled them here for easier reference.

Articles about Kerala in Popular Journals

Poor But Prosperous:
An article in the September '98 issue of The Atlantic monthly  by Akash Kapur.

The Enigma of Kerala :
Bill McKibben, the author of  The End of Nature about the enigma of  Kerala in UTNE Reader. 

India's 'pop scientists' slay superstitions:
A story about Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad in Christian Science Monitor

Kerala: A Lesson In Light Living
By Alan AtKisson 

Research Studies by Richard W. Franke and Barbara H. Chasin

-Richard W. Franke is a  Professor of Anthropology in Montclair State University and co-author of the popular book Kerala: Radical Reform as development in an Indian state. 

KeralaState: A Social Justice Model
By Richard W. Franke and Barbara H. Chasin in MultiNational Monitor

Lessons in Democracy from Kerala State, India
By Richard W. Franke

Is the Kerala Model Sustainable?  Lessons from the Past
By Richard W. Franke and Barbara H. Chasin

Power to the (Malayalee) People
By Richard W. Franke and Barbara H. Chasin

Is There a Kerala Model?
Paper Presented at the  World Malayalee Convention '95 by Richard W. Franke

The Relevance of the Kerala Model in the Emerging World Order
By  Richard W. Franke and Barbara H. Chasin. Presented at  The International  Congress of Kerala Studies 27-29 August 1994

Female-Supported Households: A Continuing Agenda for the Kerala Model
By  Richard W. Franke and Barbara H. Chasin

Symposium on Kerala

BCAS (Bulletin for Concerned Asian Scholars) based in Oakland, California has invited noted Kerala scholars to comment on the critical position regarding the "Kerala model of development". Joseph Tharamangalam's original article and two representative responses are available online. 

The Perils of Social Development with Economic Growth: The Development Debacle of Kerala, India
By Joseph Tharamangalam

Kerala: A Valid Alternative to the New World Order
By Richard W. Franke and Barbara H. Chasin in response to Joseph Tharamangalam

Disturbing Aspects of Kerala Society
By Gail Omvedt

I think the "Kerala Model of Development" has been best summarized by the Kerala State Planning Board which says in the article "The Development Challenges of Kerala" 

"The People's Campaign can also be seen as an outcome of the long drawn out and extensive development dialogue in Kerala, sparked off as  it was by the crisis encountered by the famous,‘Kerala Model of Development’.  Kerala’s development experience came to be hailed as a cheap model of Development, suitable for copying by other third worlds regions, for the reason that in spite of the burden of economic underdevelopment, the State could achieve very high quality of life for its people.  But during the last two decades or so, the very same model of development had been encountering a severe crisis on many fronts,viz., stagnation in agricultural and industrial production, widespread reduction in productivity levels, acute power shortages, out migration of industries and skilled labor, unbelievably high unemployment rates,all round reduction in the quality of services, and the debilitating fiscal crisis of the state."

Picture Tour Of Kerala During Onam
A photo journal about Kerala. Pictures taken during the Sep 1998 Onam festival. 


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