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In Kerala, a southern tropical state in India, Onam is the most colorful festival. Onam heralds the harvest festival, is also as folklore states that time of the year when Mahabali, legendary ruler of yesteryears, returns from his home in the depths of the nether world to visit his subjects. Onam for me, as a kid meant flowers, sumptuous feasts and swinging under the mango tree. The days were spent collecting those elusive flowers for pookkalam (floral arrangement) and evenings dancing with neighborhood children wearing lion masks, a`la pullikkali....

This photo journal contains 35 images of Kerala taken from in and around Thrissur (earlier known as Trichur)- a town in central Kerala, during the Onam festival season, when I got a short break from my rather hectic life in San Francisco, California. All the images are copyrighted to Seby Varghese Thokkadam and should not be downloaded or copied without his permission. No warranties are provided about the applicability or correctness of information in this site.

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