Images from Kerala, India by Seby Thokkadam
Kerala - A Million Festivals

Pooram Festival

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Every year, thousands of elaborate and colourful festivals are celebrated in the villages and towns of Kerala - a small tropical state on the south-western coast of India. Each festival give life to fables and often commemorate religious figures or events. Invariably these festivals involve vibrant music and it's often the rhythms and sounds, elaborate elephant processions and booming fireworks - that lead you to the celebrations.

What I like most about the festivals is the music - the Melams - Panchari, Pandi, Shinkari .. Melams performed dusk to dawn - a thousand hands up in the air synchronised with the drum beat. Listen to a snippet of Pandi Melam (5 min MP3 - 4.5 Mb). A collection of 260 images of the Pooram festivals as a slideshow - with Pandi Melam as background music is available on CD. Nearly sixty images are available for viewing in this site.

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